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The UAE Uses Robots in Construction for Process Automatization

The UAE Uses Robots in Construction for Process Automatization

Published 18 Jan 2024
The use of robots in the UAE construction industry is becoming an increasingly popular solution. Here, the most striking examples of this trend.

In recent years the UAE has become more technically advanced in various industries, including construction. A high level of digitalization and automatization ensures strong performance and planning of construction works. Robots or cobots (collaborative robots), used in the global construction industry, aren’t haven't bypassed the UAE and become an appropriate solution for building.

Using Robots in Global Construction

Using robots in the global construction industry is becoming more common over the years.
According to IMARC Group, in 2023 the global robots market will reach USD 150.4 billion, and they expect it will reach USD 504.9 billion by 2032. [?]

Key Benefits of Using Robots

Enhanced accuracy
High executive speed
Improved safety
Low expenses
Remote management

Applications of Robotics in Construction

Efficient demolition
Site preparation
3D printing technology
Robotic bricklaying

Robots Used in the UAE

Mostly, the UAE construction industry uses these types of robots:
3D printing. One of the outstanding examples of the use of 3D printer technology is the Dubai Municipality building.
Automatization. Robots are used for streamlining processes such as construction, assembly, and material transportation for timeline reduction.
Drilling. Dubai's construction sector employs Jaibot, a drilling robot guided by digital plans. [?] The precision of Jaibot's drilling allows workers to focus on other tasks, with project managers remotely monitoring its progress.

In Dubai

Dubai Municipality is using x-ray robots and artificial intelligence (AI) to power construction in the city. [?]

Dubai Central Laboratory of Dubai Municipality is the technology to carry out automated chemical analysis and tests on various types of cement and other construction materials.
Dubai using x-ray robots and AI to boost construction
Source: Arabian Business
The cement testing services are linked to a smart platform for laboratory testing services in Dubai Municipality, enabling customers to receive inspection reports quickly through smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices.

This technique will improve the quality of the Municipality’s construction testing services as per the best international standards.
The robots utilize X-rays to precisely carry out chemical analysis of construction materials and cement products used, which allows for effectively meeting the requirements of the construction sector in the emirate of Dubai that is characterized by the superior speed in completing tests with the highest accuracy. [?]
Hind Mahmoud Ahmed
Acting Director of the Dubai Central Laboratory Department at the Municipality

Abu Dhabi Initiatives

Abu Dhabi also keeps up the adoption of machine-based solutions for enhanced construction practices. One of the initiatives is The International Conference on Advanced Robotics (ISAR). This is one of the most established robotics conferences in the world.

Dr. Arif Sultan Al Hammadi, General Co-Chair and Forum Chair of ICAR 2023, expressed Khalifa University's enthusiasm for collaborating with local and international stakeholders to bring ICAR 2023 to the UAE and facilitate in pushing the boundaries and establishing new research areas in robotics science and technology. [?]
Since 1985 this international conference has stimulated original contributions, new ideas and views. We believe these interactive sessions will highlight the extent of advanced research that happens in the UAE and the region, while the knowledge exchange at this global platform will further encourage research and innovation in this area.
Dr. Arif Sultan Al Hammadi
General Co-Chair and Forum Chair of ICAR 2023
The university aims to host ICAR 2023 in the UAE, pushing the boundaries of research in robotics science, and technology. Dr. Jorge Dias, General Chair of ICAR 2023, highlighted the focus on Robotics for Emerging Industries during the event. This session will delve into the pivotal role of robotics across sectors like sustainability, food, logistics, aviation, transportation, and construction.
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