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First Bit at Big 5 Global 2023: Final Highlights

First Bit at Big 5 Global 2023: Final Highlights

Published 8 Dec 2023
The Big 5 Global 2023, held from December 4-7th at the Dubai World Trade Centre, marked a pivotal moment for First Bit in expanding our network, marketing reach, and brand recognition within the GCC region.

Mikhail Teplov, our Growth Department Manager, shared some noteworthy achievements from the event: "In just four days, we held over 50 overview sessions of our system, attracting more than 100 requests for additional information about FirstBit ERP from interested companies.

First Bit team in action

Ajin Babu, Sales Manager at First Bit, reflected on the strong impression our product made: "Visitors were impressed with how our software integrates all departments, making life easier. There was a lot of curiosity about how it executes cost control and performance indicators like CPI, SPI, and CTC."

Our participation in the event also opened doors to international markets. Ajin Babu expressed his excitement: "Key figures from countries like KSA, Oman, Iran, Kuwait, Syria, and Egypt really liked what they saw and are interested in using our technology. It seems like our product and methods are gaining global approval."

Ajin Babu from First Bit with a visitor

Chaudhry Ubaid-Ur-Rehman, Project Manager, also emphasized the international appeal of our product: "While this wasn't our current target market, as most customers were international, the positive response to our demos from the GCC and beyond indicates the opportunities we have outside the UAE.”

Mikhail Teplov added, "The positive feedback we received from KSA-based construction companies makes me particularly excited about launching our solution in the Saudi market."

Beyond our stand, our team explored the latest technology trends in construction, observing advancements in 3D Printing, AI, geospatial technology, information management, data science, and unmanned technology.

Energized by our success at Big 5 Global 2023, we at First Bit are more committed than ever to exploring new horizons and continuing our journey of innovation in the dynamic construction industry.

First Bit representative talking to local influencers

First Bit's General Manager Alexandr Smolyaniniv at the Big 5 Global

First Bit's employees at the Big 5 Global

First Bit team talking to prospective clients

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