Bitrix24 Self-Hosted

The First BIT team consists of experienced professionals that will help install, configure, customize and connect your self-hosted Bitrix24

Our implementation approach allows you to take advantage of the full Bitrix24 functionality according to your company's requirements, making your investment more than worthwhile.

How We Can Help You

  • Hardware, operating system, and Bitrix24 solution configuration by specialized experts;
  • Installation of Bitrix24 on your servers or its deployment in a private cloud;
  • Fine-tuning and additional functionality configuration, including development of additional modules for business process automation;
  • Corporate portal setup and access rights allocation to employees according to the organizational
  • Design of a branded Bitrix24 theme;
  • Integration setup (e-mail, cloud PBX or office-based IP PBX and other systems connectivity);
  • Configuration of directories, custom fields and email templates;
  • Data import into the CRM (companies, contacts, product catalog, etc.).

What Will We Do to Set Up Your Bitrix24

Survey of your company operation. Requirements gathering. Adaptation of best industry practices.

Linking business goals to software functionality. Scope of work assessment in close contact with client.

Linking business goals to software functionality. Scope of work assessment in close contact with client.

Configuration of the Bitrix24 portal so as to reflect the organizational structure of your company and to assign user access rights to the employees according to this structure.

Fine-tuning of the functionality set by adding new features and developing custom modules as necessary for business process automation and reaching your other objectives.

Deployment and installation of Bitrix24 on the server or in the cloud followed by basic technical setup.

Conducting training sessions for administrators and end-user. Prepare user manuals.

Optional technical support provided via email, phone or on-site technician visit.

Choose One of Our Standard Packages

Basic Collaboration Configuration and Implementation

  • Installation on your server
  • Integration with AD
  • User groups setup
  • Access rights configuration
  • Integration with MS Exchange
  • Implementation of chats
  • Meeting recording, conversations, videoconferencing

Get the total price by adding the packages below:

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Project Management

  • Task creation
  • Project creation
  • Project reporting
  • Gantt charts

Customer Relationship Management

  • lead and deal management configuration
  • Report customization
  • Contact and company database configuration

Human Resource Management

  • Worktime management
  • Work reports
  • Approval requests

Knowledge Management

  • Idea management
  • E-learning, wiki

Helpdesk Implementation

  • Help Desk

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