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Advantages of Working with ERP Systems for Construction Companies
27 July 2022
Industrial automation is changing the way we live. There is hardly any industry left that is unaffected by the impact of technological advancement. The most important proof is the rapid adoption of ERP software by businesses.
Every construction...
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ERP vs CRM Systems: Which is Better and Why?
22 July 2022
Modern businesses require versatile solutions that help them better understand their customers, provide improved visibility into their operations, keep their workforce motivated, and give them a competitive advantage....
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What is ERP and Why do You Need It?
20 July 2022
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is the backbone of many businesses. ERP software helps streamline and manage day-to-day business activities, including human resources, payroll & accounting, supply chain, and manufacturing & logist...
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Alexander Smolyaninov, Managing Partner of First Bit Middle East, shared the results of the year and plans for 2022
27 December 2021
2021 was a significant year for us as we started to scale our business in the UAE: we opened another office in Dubai, which focuses on automation for the construction industry, and we've also opened an office in Abu Dhabi....
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TOP Critical Inventory Management Сhallenges for Trading and Manufacturing Companies
28 November 2021
It is obvious, that lack of detailed and well-analysed statistics of the purchased goods and materials may lead to inefficient business. Situations like not sold goods lying on the stock may become your loss if considering the long-term financial sta...
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First Bit at The Accounting and Finance Show
30 September 2019
First Bit at The Accounting and Finance Show
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