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ERP and the Potential to Power Construction Productivity

ERP and the Potential to Power Construction Productivity

Published 29 Aug 2022
ERP and the Potential to Power Construction Productivity

5 Ways ERP Benefits Construction Businesses

Construction has been a slow-moving industry historically, and many processes are still not streamlined or automated. However, the rising competition and complexity of projects require businesses to look for innovative solutions that allow them to reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase productivity.

ERP software for construction is one such solution that meets construction companies’ ever-changing needs and helps them gain a competitive edge. 

Let’s understand how!

Top Reasons Why the Construction Industry Needs ERP Solution

The benefits of ERP in the construction industry go beyond cost savings. It also helps boost productivity, provides real-time insights into ongoing projects, and improves planning. 

Let’s understand how!

1- Better Cost Estimation

Cost estimation is one of the most critical yet challenging parts of any construction project. It requires gathering data from various sources and then analyzing it to determine the amount of money needed for the project. This is a time-consuming process and has a high chance of errors. 

Statistics indicate that nine out of ten projects experience cost overrun. This shows that the company that can nail the estimate process and keeps the project within budget will gain a competitive advantage. 

How? With the best ERP system for construction companies! 

Construction ERP solutions allow companies to create accurate estimates in just a few minutes, using historical data and easy-to-use tools that integrate with your existing business processes. These solutions automatically pull up relevant information such as past expenses or budgets, present resource capacity, material costs, and other factors necessary for calculating costs quickly.

2- Real-Time Project Tracking

With cloud-based ERP systems, you get real-time project tracking capabilities. For example, you can monitor budgets and expenditures in real-time to get a clear idea of how much money has been spent on each project. This helps identify problems before they become more complex or expensive to solve. 

Real-time project tracking also allows for better reporting and visibility into your projects. In addition, you'll have access to all relevant information anytime, helping you make better decisions and reducing the risks of delayed communication. 

For instance, with comparison features, you can analyze your progress against the plan and make strategic decisions quickly.  

It also lets you track multiple projects simultaneously. This is helpful for contractors who manage numerous building projects. For example, they can track the hours each crew has worked and the materials used from one place. 

3- Enhance Planning and Analysis

Construction projects require extensive planning and engineering before they begin. These tasks include architecture designing, budgeting, scheduling, and quality control during the project's lifecycle. 

Besides, construction projects have numerous variables that must be considered, from weather conditions (especially when you’re constructing buildings in Dubai) and available materials to labor costs and scheduling constraints. 

Thanks to ERP, you can plan your projects more efficiently, so they run smoothly from start to finish. This includes everything from estimating materials and labor costs to creating timelines for each phase of your project. 

Besides, by integrating all aspects of your business, accounting, human resources, and purchasing — ERP software enables you to make informed decisions that impact all areas of your business.

If that wasn’t enough, it also keeps you up-to-date with what's happening at every stage of your project, from design to construction to completion. 

ERP software for construction

4- Increase ROI

The construction industry is one of the most demanding industries because of its high turnover rate, short-term contracts, and demanding work schedule. Unfortunately, the construction industry also has a high failure rate due to poor financial and project management skills.

Thankfully, ERP solutions in construction can help solve these problems and increase your ROI. Here’s how. 

  • Streamline your inventory: ERP software can help you better plan your inventory by forecasting the materials required. You can also track what you have in stock, when you purchased it and how much money every purchase costs you. 

  • Increase efficiency: With a single source of truth for all information about a project, you can eliminate errors and delays caused by multiple spreadsheets and databases. This helps remove costly redundancies across departments. 

  • Make better decisions: By integrating your entire operation into a single database, you can more easily track your spending and ensure you're making sound financial decisions.

5- Improve Project Management

ERP solutions can help you track every aspect of your projects. Also, you can monitor various components of a project — from scheduling tasks to managing materials and supplies. This makes it easier for managers to stay on top of their projects without requiring manual updates or spreadsheets. 

By integrating data from multiple stakeholders throughout a project, ERP software helps construction companies improve their ability to collaborate and share information. This speeds up decision-making processes, reduces conflicts between different groups involved in the project, and saves time.

This, in turn, helps ensure that all projects are completed on time and within budget!

Construction Industry: How to Optimize Your ERP Use?

Using an ERP system and getting the most out of it are two different things. Here are some tips to help you optimize your ERP usage:

  • Choose an ERP solution that's right for you: You should choose the ERP based on your needs, budget, and requirements. Ensure that it has all the modules for effectively managing all aspects of construction project management.

  • Choose a cloud-based solution: Cloud-based solutions offer better flexibility and scalability, allowing organizations to add more users or increase capacity when needed. It also allows you to use the tool using your mobile or web browser, making it accessible from anywhere. 

  • Feed reliable, up-to-date data: Your ERP is as good as the data you feed it. Ensure that you fuel it with accurate and up-to-date data so it can provide you with better insights.  

  • Train your employees: Provide robust training to ensure they know how to use the tool effectively. This will increase the adoption rate and help them take advantage of all the features. 

ERP Efficiency Secrets

Couple the above tips with these ERP efficiency secrets for maximizing your ROI. 

  • Automation: Save time on redundant tasks and reduce manual errors by automating them via your ERP. 

  • Integration: By connecting all your existing business tools with ERP, you can allow everyone in your company to quickly access accurate and up-to-date information they need to do their jobs efficiently. 

  • Reporting: Enhance business efficiency with flexible “what-if” and “ad-hoc” reporting features in ERP. 

  • Analytics: Leverage charts, graphs, and KPI-focused dashboards to make smarter, data-driven decisions. 

best ERP system for a construction company

Conclusion: Get Started with FirstBit ERP Software

The construction ERP serves as a backbone of modern company management. It helps reduce operation costs, optimize business workflows, and increase overall profitability by providing a centralized management system.

And with the FirstBit ERP software, things get more streamlined. It helps unite all the departments of your organization, enabling you to improve communication, better plan your construction projects, reduce errors, and minimize costs. 

FirstBit is the best ERP system for construction companies because it is designed to meet their unique needs. Plus, it is built in the UAE, making it easier for you to comply with local laws and regulations. 

Here are five more reasons to choose the FirstBit ERP software:

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