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Alexander Smolyaninov, Managing Partner of First Bit Middle East, shared the results and plans for 2023

BY FirstBit | Published 31 December 2022 | Updated 11 January 2023
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  • How did 2022 compare to 2021 for FirstBit?

  • 2022 for our company turned out to be a year of rapid growth, if in 2021 we grew by 50%, then in 2022 we grew by another 80%.  In my opinion, this is a great result, which means that our team has become even stronger, and our customers now receive a more high-quality service when working with us.

    • What challenges did the company face in the outgoing year and how did you overcome them? What management decision in 2022 was the most memorable for you?

    Our company this year has grown significantly and this was accompanied by the need to select and train new specialists. The task is not easy, but we have successfully solved it, and at the moment many qualified specialists have been added to our team who maintain the usual high level of quality for our customers.

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    • FirstBit has a multinational team with different confessional and cultural background, how is the work in such a team built, is it easy for employees to find a common language?

    Yes, indeed, our team employs people of different nationalities, religions from different countries, but we are all united by one goal - to work on the level of customer satisfaction, and our team copes with this task perfectly. The level of our services should meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, because we all work for the final result - so that our automation projects are completed on time, within the defined budget and with the proper quality. Often, different perspectives and experiences of employees help to find unconventional and creative solutions to current challenges.

    • The path from the choice to the implementation of the ERP system is thorny. What tasks were most often addressed by customers in 2022, do you think the request will change in the coming year?

    Most often, we are approached by clients at the stage of business scaleup, when the needs of the business are growing. The client's current software, usually basic accounting system, Excel or multiple different smaller apps, does not cope with new tasks. At this point, our experts with many years of implementation experience help to choose the optimal solution and a list of services so that customers can quickly and comfortably switch to a more efficient ERP system and get additional strength for business development. As for next year, I think that in general, the previous trend will continue, but in 2023 the income tax comes into force, respectively, we expect an increase in requests related to that.

    • Can you share the company's plans for 2023?

    We plan to grow dynamically, and we will also begin active work with Saudi Arabia. In 2023, a corporate tax will be introduced in the UAE and we plan to direct our efforts to work on this, we will help clients to learn how to calculate this tax in our system as easy as possible. We will also pay attention to the development of our team, its professional competencies and will continue to work on improving the quality of our services.

    • On New Year's Eve, what do you want to wish to your customers?

    I want to wish our customers new opportunities, growth and profitability in 2023. Happy new year!

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