Warehouse management with RFID technologies

June, 2015

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For over 40 years having been a major supplier of radio equipment, oscilloscopes, general purpose electronic equipment, engineering and modeling solutions, and technological products for testing telecommunications, Keysight Technologies needed an effective system for managing expensive warehouse inventories, that would not only help optimize data processing costs, but also minimize human factor-related errors.

In addition, the enterprise needed to establish constant operational control over inventories movement within the warehouse and reduce time and expenses for collecting orders, inventory management and audits.

Specialists of the First BIT company’s Sportivnaya design office suggested using modern RFID technologies, allowing the warehouse accounting process to run without an operator, thereby reducing staff costs and minimizing errors caused by the human involvement.

The First BIT experts suggested adopting 1C: Trade Management 8 software (version 11.1) as the accounting IT solution, while the Cleverence: RFID for 1C: Enterprise driver was chosen for the trouble-free operation of the RFID equipment and its interaction with the accounting program.

The combined use of these technological products by the leading accounting software manufacturer makes it possible to build an integrated system for accounting and control over the inventories that significantly increases the efficiency of the warehouse operation as a whole.

As a part of the project, First BIT developed an employee identification module based on the ACS card technology, allowing to link deliveries to the person responsible if there is one, and carried out the entire assembly and setup of the RFID equipment.

As a result of the First BIT professionals' work over the three-month project duration, the inventory management processes in Keysight Technologies became much more effective:

  • The staff-related costs for warehouse accounting were reduced;
  • Time spent on warehouse maintenance and operations control was greatly decreased, which had positive impact on the other business processes within the company;
  • Orders are now assembled faster and with less errors;
  • The process of inventory management and audits in the warehouse was optimized and now happens significantly faster.

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