First BIT Talks About Providing Tailor-Fit Solutions in an Exclusive Interview with Enterprise Channel Magazine

October, 2018


Evgenii Podborskii, Head of Automation and Sales Department of First BIT, shared in an exclusive interview with Enterprise Channel how First BIT gives customers greater visibility and control in their business.
In the interview for the October issue of the magazine, Podborskii mentioned that First BIT’s reliability is deeply rooted in the methodology it follows when providing solutions to its customers. The First BIT methodology starts with truly understanding the customers’ business needs. Being focused in providing the right solutions to clients allows us to ensure they achieve their strategic objectives –improve business processes, organize data collection, resolve operational issues, reduce manual work, and even bolster sales growth via automation of processes.
First BIT approach in handling customers demonstrates that we don’t just aim to solve the problems of customers, but aim to make them grow. We closely work with our partners so we can help to develop and create new opportunities for our customers.
To read the full interview with, please check the October issue of Enterprise Channel Magazine here:

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