Seminar - Automation as a Tool for Making Your Business More Efficient

March, 2015

Seminar march 2015

On March 2, information technology experts of First BIT Dubai conducted a seminar entitled 'Automation as a tool for making your business more efficient'. The seminar, held at the Synergy University campus, was aimed at business owners, top-level executives, accountants, and entrepreneurs in general. The agenda was focused on the questions of improving business controllability through the use of IT tools, within the context of industry-specific markets in UAE.

The seminar's unique content was prepared by the First BIT Dubai specialists based on their extensive professional experience in development of industry-specific business solutions as well as on the latest global trends in IT and business management. Among the key points discussed were implementation issues of IT systems and common accounting mistakes that may result in inaccurate or incorrect information concerning business expenses and profitability. The speakers provided real-life examples involving UAE-based businesses and answered the audience's questions about setting up an accounting system.

According to the First BIT Dubai experts, most of the issues related to inefficient accounting and business management processes can be resolved by using the FirstBIT ERP information system. To quote the company's head Alexandr Smolyaninov, “This is a modular system that allows to automate the widest spectrum of business processes – for instance, purchasing management, sales management, and production, as well as the processes of planning and relationships with clients and the company staff. This software product has been developed featuring two interface language options: English and Russian.” 

The concept of a full-fledged, comprehensive business accounting solution was then discussed in greater detail, with the FirstBIT ERP as an example. Special attention was given to the ways of using the software system toward improving the processes of company management and business controllability. The speakers presented case studies of successful automation and optimization of the business management and accounting processes by UAE-based companies through the use of FirstBIT ERP. A two-way discussion in the Q&A format followed.  

Each seminar attendee was presented with a bonus courtesy First BIT Dubai, which included a 20% discount coupon good toward purchasing the official, 1C-certified FirstBIT ERP product and eligibility for a free individual consultation on the subject of accounting and business management automation.  

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