Restaurant KAZAN in UAE ready to operate at a new efficiency level

February, 2014

Restaurant KAZAN in UAE ready to operate at a new efficiency level

First BIT has just finished another successful optimization project, and the KAZAN restaurant in UAE is now fully prepared to take its operation to a new level of efficiency.

As of today, with FirstBIT BonAppetit software and new retail equipment,  the capabilities of the restaurant staff become truly impressive.

The software solution allows for automatic order processing, which increases the speed and quality of service.

The Kazan restaurant is located at the heart of Sharjah, UAE, a popular tourist destination. It's a perfect place to taste Russian and Arab cuisine and fall in love with the excellent local tea.

The management wanted to upgrade the service and optimize administration processes.

Project goals:

  • Increase the speed of servicing clients
  • Setup an accounting system
  • Implement a fast-functioning inventory system
  • Create an easy-to-manage menu system
  • Develop detailed reporting for better control

Our Dubai team took on the project for Kazan. We integrated FirstBIT BonAppetit solution with FirstBIT ERP system, which brought the restaurant's business operation to a whole new level of automation. FirstBIT ERP is an accounting system fully compliant with UAE laws.

All users then participated in our training program in order to master the system's capabilities.

Project achievements:

  • Order processing: now fully automated. The waiter keys in the order using the mobile app and can edit it at any moment. Order's details are then shared over the intranet and appear on displays in the kitchen.
  • Menu possibilities: automated dish price calculation and inventory processing, down to ingredients level. Detailed data can be processed for reporting at any moment and cover any period. This enables the management to fully analyze business profitability and make strategic adjustments.
  • The implementation went through quickly and smoothly. Now, Kazan restaurant has a modern accounting system, a mobile waiter-kitchen communication system, and the overall best software for restaurants. Thus Kazan is completely prepared for the high season, which starts in the autumn.
  • The restaurant management noted our business value, the quality of service provided by our professionals, and the functionality of our systems.

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