First BIT is the leader among Bitrix24 sales

September, 2016

First BIT is the leader among Bitrix24 sales

First BIT topped the new rating of 1C-Bitrix partners for Bitrix24 product sales. Behind each and every one of these licenses sold are clients that simplified their jobs thanks to the Bitrix24 corporate portal and its set of tools for the organization of company operations!

This status confirms that we possess the competences needed to create a single corporate working environment powered by Bitrix24 solutions that helps organize work processes, streamline inter-company communications, and improve task and project management. Bitrix24.CRM also connects all communication channels with clients, including calls, emails, interactions via social media, websites, web forms, payments in 1C and others, which helps the sales department do its job with much greater speed.

It should be pointed out that First BIT is the only Certified Gold Bitrix partner in the Middle East and Africa, and the largest Bitrix partner in the world.

You can place an order to install and configure Bitrix24 this instant and start managing your company on a whole new level today! 

Options Bitrix24 implementation packages

Our specialists in cooperation with your company will perform the following configurations. Simultaneously we will train your
employees to leverage Bitrix24 for optimal efficiency. At the end of the training day you will have the fully set up business
tool according to your requirements with the set of manuals tailored to your system:

Whole Cloud Bitrix24

Deploying the whole Cloud Bitrix24, including CRM, PM and employee self-service rocesses:

Setting up the whole sales process:
  • Lead forms;
  • Configuration of lead sources;
  • Deal forms;
  • Setting up filters and reports;
  • Configuration of invoice and quotation templates
Setting up the project management process:
  • Task creation;
  • Configuring appropriate filters;
  • Reports customization.
Integration with your calendars;
Human Resource management tools configuration:
  • Work reports;
  • Worktime management;
  • Leave request approval process
Customizing chats, conversations, polls;
2800 AED
Deployment of the CRM module in alignment with your business needs
  • Lead forms and fields customization;
  • Configuration of lead sources:
    • Web-forms customization for lead gathering;
    • Integration with e-mail;
  • Deal forms and fields customization;
  • Setting up filters and reports;
  • Configuration of invoice and quotation templates
2000 AED
Project Management
Setting up a fully – functional Project management tool with the integrated internal collaboration functionality
  • Task creation customization;
  • Choosing appropriate filters;
  • Reports customization;
  • Integration with calendars;
  • Chats, Conversations, Polls;
  • Announcements customization.
1500 AED
Automation of your workflows to eliminate the need to perform routine tasks manually

Our specialists will gather your requirements, create the model of your process and automate it with the help of Bitrix24 tools. You will the get the valuable assistant to your business operations that will help you to save time and money.

from 700 AED**
**available only in Standard and Professional packages

These packages include end-user training along with the setting the Bitrix24 to comply with the requirements.
We provide all necessary manuals, presentation and handbooks to make it easier for you to start working in Bitrix24.
All training materials tailored to your system and configuration.

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