The Umi Sushi restaurant strengthened its registration processes together with FirstBIT ERP

April, 2013

Specialists of the First BIT Company successfully finished the project on automation of administrative and operationalprocesses at Umi Sushi restaurant. Among results of use of FirstBIT ERP system the management of restaurant notes: simplification of accounts maintenance, transparency of analytical reports, increase in speed of work of employees at the expense of the bilingual interface of system.

The Umi Sushi restaurant was open in Dubai in 2007. Now it is a restaurant of Japanese cuisine where customers are served with traditional national dishes. One of the main principles of the restaurant is always fresh seafood. Umi Sushi can offer lunches dinners and it also hosts special occasion festive events and banquets.

Rapid growth and development of the restaurant once again brought the management into thinking on improvement of internal processes. First of all, it is required to strengthen the most important part of any company - record and account system. Given all possible options the choice was made to automation, they just needed to choose suitable software solution. Search was based on specific parameters: the program must be compatible to public catering record and account system, easy to set up and be clear for employees without additional training.

The analysis of software solutions, which were represented in the market, revealed suitable system - FirstBIT ERP which answered above-mentioned criteria. Installation was charged to developers of the system - methodologists and programmers of the First BIT Company.

Implementation of the project took only 2 weeks. During system set up the restaurant worked in a regular mode. Adaptation of employees to the system took short period of time thanks to bilingual interface of the program - employees can use both Russian and English for work.

Thanks to FirstBIT ERP maintaining record and accounting system became significantly simpler, now all data is available for the analysis and further planning at any time, information on the current situation of restaurant is transparent.

Here is some comments from chief accountant of Umi Sushi restaurant: "Only after a few days since the system start, it was clear what a significant time difference is between performance of many important tasks before and after - for example, preparation of a single report took several hours and now it takes a few minutes. Thus we can estimate data from different aspects, we can see the outcome and all the expenses. Another bonus for us is flexibility of the restaurant software solution system - we easily adjusted it to our own specifics, and in future we will be able to expand it easily if it is required.”

Business event 'Successful business automation: more then 100,000 integrations' – FirstBIT ERP in UAE

April, 2013

The project of First BIT is the winner of the competition "Project of the Year" according to the Global CIO version

March, 2013