First Bit Is 22 Years: Stronger Than Ever, Facing The Future

July, 2019

First Bit Is 22 Years: Stronger Than Ever, Facing The Future

Today First Bit celebrates its 22th anniversary. Every moment of these 22 years was full of inspiration, passion, and confidence in success. And this helped us to grow from a small local firm to a global IT solutions integrator. Today First Bit is 100 offices in 8 countries all around the world, with more than 5000 certified specialists in the area of business automation software.

We never stop on the way to our goal - maximizing strength and efficiency of our clients’ businesses by all programmatic means, available on today’s IT market.

For the 22 years of First Bit operation, we’ve successfully performed 250 000+ automated IT system integrations. These were projects of different scale, from small firms to large global enterprises with complex affiliated structure. Every client, no matter of scale, is highly important for First Bit, and every professional task is a challenge that we are happy to accept.

We would like to thank you, dear clients and partners, for today’s global renown and exciting growth prospects. Only people make you number one - this is the main message throughout our 22-year history. Be the first together with First Bit!

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