First BIT keeps the profile: leader in the implementation of ERP over 10 years

September, 2015

According to the analytical report published by TAdviser, First BIT company is the undisputed leader in the implementation of ERP systems in Russia in 2014. First BIT has been the leader in this field of the Russian market for the last 10 years.

Only those companies that are ERP Competence Centers can sale and implement 1C:ERP 2.0, 1C company product, which is one of the most popular ERP Software in Russia. First BIT company is awarded the 1C:Center ERP and 1C:Center CORP statuses, and allowed to provide 1C:ERP 2.0 officially.

Having so extensive experience in dealing with ERP systems in Russia, on other markets we able to offer really good ERP solutions as well. Our ready-made solution FirstBIT ERP is built on the 1C:Enterprise platform developed by 1C firm mentioned above. Products built on the base of the 1C:Enterprise platform are used by over 1,000,000 customers in total.

FirstBIT ERP: Start page

FirstBIT ERP Start Page

Our team will audit your business processes in order to clarify the feasibility of implementation; they will conduct FirstBIT ERP system integration, as well as system testing and performance optimization. You will learn how to use all the system features through product training.

Feel free to call the First BIT office for more information about the product, the opportunities and the implementation of FirstBIT ERP.

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