Casanova designer furniture shares its experience of using FirstBIT ERP via video

September, 2015

Casanova was facing numerous information management issues, which caused confusion and repetitive business errors, ultimately leading to diminished revenues, unhappy clients and overall weak business growth. For instance, items were often lost in the warehouse or get mistakenly allocated to multiple orders, resulting in delayed and outdated deliveries. Lack of customer relations functionality made it difficult to track sales activity and follow up leads, losing potential business. 

The existing accounting software had no functionality to deal with these problems, and the management turned to First BIT Dubai in search for a system-level remedy. The IT company experts recommended the FirstBIT ERP system implementation. The specialists of First BIT deployed the solution for 10 users to the Casanova office network and provided training and consulting services to Casanova staff members, making sure that the latter would be able to use the software correctly and efficiently. The entire project become one of the FirstBIT ERP implementation success stories. 

Casanova4 smallComprehensive business automation with FirstBIT ERP resolved the issues with information management and optimized all aspects of the company operation, including accounting and finance, customer relations management, order processing and execution, and employee management and performance measurement. After a year and a half of using the software the designer furniture retailer found that the information flow has been greatly improved, straightforward coordination system between purchasing and customer pre-ordering has been developed, product movement from the moment of its arrival in the inventory to order allocation to actual delivery to a customer has become easily trackable, a number of accounting tasks has got more manageable and quickly accessible, and instant data availability has significantly simplified business decision-making processes and HR management. As a result, overall company operation has become more efficient and streamlined.

Mr. Farhad Nawrozzadeh, Casanova's owner and Managing Director, commented: “I would like to say thank you to the First BIT company and its team, they have helped us to achieve most of our goals and get back on track. We hope to continue this collaboration for many years to come.”

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