First BIT Dubai Turns Two

March, 2015

Dubai Office 2 Years

Two years have passed since the day the First BIT UAE office opened its doors. During this period, we have performed more than 50 implementations of our FirstBIT ERP solution, and over a hundred organizations have chosen First BIT as a partner in the area of IT infrastructure setup and support. We have been assisting such companies as Goodyear Middle East & Africa, Hershey’s, Filmmaster MEA, PACT Engineering Co, UAS International Trip Support, Casanova Furniture, and others.

The business growth of our regional office can be seen both by the rising numbers of our client base and by its expanding geography: early in our second year we started providing business automation services beyond UAE – in Qatar – and even beyond the Middle East – in Ethiopia and the Netherlands. Our staff numbers have noticeably increased as well: currently the office team has more than 20 members. 

Over the period of First BIT's presence in UAE, the region's largest international IT expo GITEX has been held in Dubai twice, and both times we participated in it. We have also conducted events of our own – training seminars for our business audience.

In order to keep up the pace of our business development, we have opened a marketing department and hired an HR manager specifically for our office.

We continuously update and perfect the products and services we offer, based on the needs and suggestions of our clients. For instance, recently we have changed the interface of our FirstBIT ERP system to make it more convenient to use via web browsers. 

“We put an emphasis on quality and therefore carefully watch market trends and pay utmost attention to the feedback of those using the results of our labor,” says Alexander Smolyaninov, the office head. “We work in compliance with the ISO 9001 standards, regularly analyze the outcome of our efforts and the efficiency of our solutions. Thank you for your appreciation of our endeavors!“

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