Listings management automation for the Dubai RE agency DAN

April, 2014

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The DAN Real Estate LLC provides a comprehensive range of services in the UAE real estate market, from sales and lease of property in Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, and Ras al Khaimah to consulting and visa processing. The agency's clients can select ready-to-move-in property and enjoy a high degree of customer protection and reliability in all transactions.

In order to optimize the processes of DAN's business operation, a unified working environment for the staff was needed. The FirstBIT ERP solution allowed to integrate all external and internal data flows into one system, enabling users to get the desired information quickly in the live mode. Also, the n-tier architecture of the software product eliminated the issue of duplicate content and minimized the necessity of manual documentation processing. Data is now analyzed by using special business analysis tools and a smart reports system.

As a result, the list of available property is always up to date and easy to manage; the time and, consequently, effort required for administrative tasks has been reduced; the quality of customer service has been improved.

“FirstBIT ERP has become the powertrain of my business. The system stores all internal and external company data, shows the big picture, enables the user to get any information quickly and easily, and allows for effective management. I strongly recommend this ERP solution!”

 - Ismail Shangareev, 
DAN Real Estate LLC 

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