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First BIT have automated  work of 3150 employees and  increased sales data processing in 14 times

‘’Just in a half a year, we’ve got the first results. The processes, that used to take up to several weeks, take several hours now. I can absolutely say that the project lives up to HEINEKEN Company’s expectations, and the investments were the right thing to do’’

Alexander Kondrashev

Project Manager, HEINEKEN

Customer Information

‘Objedinennyepivovarni Heineken’, LLC (HEINEKEN Russia) — is the Russian branch of Heineken N.V. international holding — the leading international brewery company with branch offices in 71 countries.
The Company entered the Russian market in 2002, with the acquisition of the first factory in Saint Petersburg. Today the company owns 8 breweries in Russia.
The Company’s products are manufactured at the breweries with high-tech equipment and subject to high quality standards at every step of the production process.
The Company follows the principle of sustainable development, provides its employees with the favorable working conditions, makes social investments in environment protection projects and popularizes responsible attitude to beer consumption.

Project Goals and Tasks

  • To create a highly effective SFA-system for iOS, taking into account the Client’s unique business-processes.

  • To organize orders collection by trade representatives all around Russia and the communication of these orders to the distributors.

  • To organize data collection on sales outlets, sales, inventory.

  • To provide an instrument for a comprehensive sales analysis on the basis of QlikView.

  • To provide the system’s maintenance according to the SLA-contract.

Project Description

For sales automation, First BIT developed from scratch a mobile app, that allows to centralize, facilitate and systematize the functioning of the whole sales chain: from 2700 trade representatives all around Russia and supervisors to Heineken’s management.
The Company’s trade representatives get the trip routes, current data on the sales outlets’ arrears and inventory at the distributors’ warehouses on their smartphones, they collect orders and any other relevant information,that is necessary for successful promotion of the Company’s products.
The distinctive feature of the application is a full-fledged offline regime, and also an automated KPI calculation for every Heineken’s employee and/or contractor: just after the visit to a sales outlet a trade representative can see planned and actual results for the day and for the month, and also the sum he’s earned — and that motivates him to work even better and improve his results.
The automated system is called Jeans, like jeans — simple but comfortable clothes, and the app is a simple and convenient tool for everyday work of Heineken’s employees as well as of the distributors’ employees: Jeans is integrated with the distributors’ accounting systems and helps them to get orders.
Jeans was developed by First BIT from scratch, including web-interfaces, and the system itself is built on the Contractor’s capacities. The solution architecture made it possible to reach high-speed functioning and 99,9% resilience. This is extremely important, as the system’s downtime for the Client may turn into clients’ orders not delivered in time. As part of the project, the total data consolidation in the integrated system was performed and analysis based on QlikView BI-system ensured.
Throughout the Project implementation special attention was paid to Heineken’s potential, as this is not just a big company, but also a rapidly developing one, placing high emphasis on innovations. That’s why the system was created as easily scalable and adaptable according to the Client’s needs.
Today the sales automation system is the sole instrument for controlling the sales chain and collection of necessary out-of-the-office information about the trade representatives’ visits, current orders, contractors’ surveys, etc.

Project Outcomes

  • A highly reliable IT-infrastructure for a mobile iOS service for managing the wholes sales chain was created from scratch.

  • Time needed for sales data processing was reduced 14 times

  • Heineken’s employees and distributors KPI calculation is now performed online.

  • The trouble proof functioning and the constant development of the mobile service were ensured and a SLA (Service Level Agreement) was concluded.

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Senat MEA Management Consultancy automates accounting of its customers in the UAE using FirstBIT ERP.

Continental Line Shipping and Freight LLC

The time for generating job card and invoice for a client was reduced by 3–4 times with FirstBIT ERP