has been approved as a provider of the
VAT-compliant software
by the Federal Tax Authority 

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Financials and Accounting
  • See the whole picture of your company's financial and business standing by operating areas;
  • Use IFRS and local UAE accounting standards;
  • Easily track, control and analyze customers and vendor transactions;
Inventory and Warehouse
  • Increase warehouse efficiency through real-time tracking, management and analysis of inventories, inflows, turnarounds and shipments;
  • Take inventory quickly and easily;
  • Reduce incorrect grading by 99%;
  • Keep records in full compliance with the UAE VAT law;
  • Prepare VAT returns quickly and easily;
  • Generate the FTA audit file in FAF format automatically;
HR and Payroll
  • Manage personnel records and payroll in line with the UAE Labor Law;
  • Track in detail all personnel movements and availability;
  • Ensure accurate and quick wage and salary payments;
  • Make your operations controllable and transparent with a single source of all business-critical information;
  • Quickly track key performance indicators with a 360° eye view of your business;
  • Timely identify deviations, negative trends and pivot points;
Project Costing
  • Plan, estimate, and manage project costs and revenues;
  • Improve transparency through up-to-date information on cash flow of projects;
  • Analyze and forecast project profitability with overview of key financial information on each project.
Business Operations
  • Boost productivity through simple and effective collaboration on tasks and projects;
  • Reduce labor costs by eliminating manual calculations and document management and minimizing human factors;
  • Automate business processes and manage workflows;
  • Increase sales volumes;
  • Follow a well-elaborated sales communication workflow and track the whole customer interaction history;
  • Analyze sale efficiency through real-time reports by goods, companies and salespeople;

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Abu Khalifa General Contracting L.L.C

Due to the nature of transactions, accounting in the construction industry is known for being complicated. With First BIT Accounting’s project wise system functionality, we are able to keep track of each project’s profitability and extract our desired output. Their HR & Payroll allows easier and faster processing...

Haneen Jaber, Accountant More details
Amarak Trading

This year marks a new stage in company development, calling for state-of-the-art software to significantly optimize our business processes and make them flexible, manageable and streamlined.
Implementing FirstBIT ERP has given us a reliable tool to manage our wholesale business. The solution allows efficiently...

Houssam Aljord, CEO More details

Just in a half a year, we’ve got the first results. The processes, that used to take up to several weeks, take several hours now. I can absolutely say that the project lives up to HEINEKEN Company’s expectations, and the investments were the right thing to do

Alexander Kondrashev, Project Manager More details
Gamma Tech FZE

“We got a system that lets us work comfortably. The biggest advantage for us is the clarity and organization of the data, now we can just see the whole chain of documents and see the picture. It helped the accuracy of accounting and the management itself.”

Alena Telesh, Chief Accountant More details
AJ Auto Spare Parts

The new automation system provided by First BIT has resolved a bunch of processing issues we used to have and given a visible boost to our performance in general. Faster order fulfillment and better inventory control translates into greater sales volume and customer satisfaction. We're totally pleased with the...

Dmitriy Grosu, Head of Sales Department More details

I would like to say thank you to the First BIT company and its team, they have helped us to achieve most of our goals and get back on track. We hope to continue this collaboration for many years to come.

Farhad Nawrozzadeh, owner and Managing Director More details
Athar Business Machines FZE

The automation allowed us to consolidate all our records in a single FirstBIT ERP system. We are now perfectly organized and have everything under control. We chose First BIT because we had a unique e-commerce environment, and the First BIT team was willing to implement the changes according to our requirements....

Muhammad Zeeshan Hussain, CEO More details
Casa De La Belleza Trading LLC

With FirstBIT ERP software we got a convenient high-quality accounting system, and the additional improvements implemented by First BIT provided us with all the necessary tools while taking into account the specific nature of our business. As a result, not only did we speed up and increase the quality of control over...

Muhammad Ali Faraz, Manager Finance More details
Sergey Seregin

With the implementation of FirstBit ERP I have better control over the business and all the projects because everything is under my fingertips in one solution. Within one click the system generates real-time reports anytime I want. No more time wastage on manual work, duplication of the work in report preparation, or...

Managing Director & Partner, Projection Building Contracting LLC More details
Antony George

We've selected FirstBit mostly for their international aspects – internationally recognized software platform 1Ci, long and reputable company history, and worldwide presence. We were looking for a stable, reliable system to get control over our growing operations with UAE-based support from the vendor. FirstBit...

Accountant More details

We chose FirstBit ERP because of its project costing features and a cloud-based platform that we can use from anywhere and anytime.
The beautiful part is its flexibility. During implementation, the software was customized as we need. We can change different dashboards as per our business units. FirstBit ERP...

Business Partner, Mast Building Contracting More details

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